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Set created in the studio. 4x5 Photography and Styling: David Borde

grapes grapes


Food Stylist: Jenny Thornton

sushis sushi

Holiday Bruschetta

Food stylists: Donna Coates and David Borde

bruschetta bruschetta

Standard Bar

A Healthy Snack

standard_bar standard_bar

Molson Ice

Need a Beer?

molson molson


Food Stylist: Jenny Thornton

steak steak

Crab Cake

Ventana's Restaurant-Hyatt O'hare

crab_cake crab_cake

Coffee Pour

Short Flash Duration

coffee coffee

Peach Pie

Food Sample

peach_pie peach_pie


Hand Model: Angela Heatley

croissant croissant

Wine Pour

Beverage Sample

wine_pour wine_pour


Food Sample

pear pear

Port Wine

Bon Appetit

port_wine port_wine

Red Snapper

National Restaurant Association. Food Stylist: Joanne Witherell

red-snapper red-snapper

Farmington Foods

Pork Chops. Food Stylists: Walter Moeller and Stephanie Samuels

farm-chop farm-chop

Farmington Foods

Pork Loin. Food Stylists: Walter Moeller and Stephanie Samuels

farm-loin farm-loin

Farmington Foods

Marinated Pork. Food Stylists: Walter Moeller and Stephanie Samuels

farm-marinated pork farm-marinated pork

Farmington Foods

Cooked Pork Products

farmington_foods farmington_foods


Ventana's Restaurant atop the Hyatt O'hare

seabass seabass

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Photography with Emotion

An Artful Strategy

The best advertising triggers an emotional response. A great photograph can make an advertisement spring to life and call the masses to action. Careful planning of a photoshoot can make the difference between photos used once and photos that become classics. Your company's identity should be a part of a marketing strategy that goes way beyond your logo and colors. Thematic image development over time is a proven asset successful companies have used to become household names.

Call us at 773-343-3208 and speak to one of our photographers. We will then prepare a multi-budget proposal for your consideration. Once we have the process approved we will begin the planning phase of the photoshoot which will include an online timetable of the stages of our development.



Additional Services

  • Props
  • Stylists
  • Wardrobe
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Bad Photos Enhanced (submit via FTP)
  • Web Optimization
  • Retouching
  • Outlining
  • Compositing
  • Animation
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